So, you’re thinking about becoming a Prenda Guide? Although most microschools are run in homes, that doesn’t always have to be the case! When it comes to locations for Prenda Microschools, the sky is truly the limit as long as the space meets the location requirements. Here are 6 different microschool location ideas to consider.

  1. Your home:

Laura decided that it made the most sense to run her microschool from her home. She felt that it was important to have a comfortable environment where she would have the ability to get to know her students on a personal level. During the school day, students sit around a large table, on the couch, or gather around the kitchen island. Laura and her students also have bunnies—they’re a huge hit with the kids!

  1. A church:

Dassa guides a blended group of K-8th Grade students in her microschool. This is also the first microschool on Tribal Land. It isn’t happening in a home, but in a church. While no religious instruction takes place, churches can be great options for microschool locations. They often have space available during the week and they typically have playgrounds and kitchens—perfect for snack and lunchtime prep! Dassa’s microschool classroom has plenty of wall space for the latest creations of her budding group of artists, and this unique space has come to house a thriving group of young learners.

  1. A dance studio:

Imagine taking a recess break and having an impromptu dance party! Well, you can in Tia’s microschool because it's in a dance studio. The K-2 and 3-8 learners are also able to take dance classes after school and enjoy a fun, active environment. If this kind of microschool sounds interesting to you, think about the possibility of a partnership with a dance or karate studio, gymnastics facility, or even a trampoline park!

  1. Local community center

Local community centers can be welcoming, safe environments for Prenda Microschool students. The Black Mothers Forum community center in Phoenix, AZ houses multiple microschools. Each Guide is able to work with their own group of learners, while benefiting from the engaging and energetic atmosphere that comes from being a part of a larger group.

  1. Someone else’s home:

Some parents would love to be part of a Prenda Microschool, but are not interested in becoming Guides themselves. Many of these parents are happy to open up their homes as microschool locations! Emily Hughes runs her microschool on a family member’s property. Her students enjoy farm animals, a giant playhouse, and lots of hands-on learning. Talk about a space that inspires creativity! Think about your friends and family. Is there anyone who would be willing to help you on this new adventure?

  1. A camp

Prenda students in Prescott, AZ are on the journey to become lifelong learners in the great outdoors—complete with the tall pines and fresh air.  Prenda Guides, Melissa and Mindy, run their microschools at Emmanuel Pines camp. Many favorite childhood memories involve spending time at a summer camp.  Nature walks, climbing trees—imagine that being a part of a child’s education experience every day!

To learn more about becoming a Prenda Guide, click here. You can also attend a virtual or in-person info session to ask questions, meet other Guides, and learn more about Prenda Microschools.